#1 Make it your own

A tipi is a fantastic blank canvas! I have photographed Glastonbury inspired festival weddings, cute sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’ themed decor and elegant boho-luxe affairs in a tipi. No tipi wedding looks the same

#2 Don't worry about the weather

Let’s face it, UK summers are unpredictable at best. A glorious summer evening is lovely, but the inside of a tipi, when it rains, or even off season when the temperature drops is a cozy place to be. They are nicely heated and there are always firepit options too. Your nearest and dearest will be right there with you, making merry at the bar and busting moves on the dancefloor. Of course, if you’re up for braving a shower we can make some pretty special photos!


#3 Be selfish

This tip might sound a bit naughty, well just a little bit at least. There is an awful lot going on during a typical wedding and your day really will fly by. Make sure that you take some little breaks with your new spouse to savour the event, soak it in and just be together. Popping outside for ten minutes to take a romantic photograph is one nice way to have a little respite

#4 Break it up

It’s traditional do take all of your portrait photos in one go right in the middle of your day, this sucks! Not only are your guests chowing down on canapés for ages without you, the middle of the day is absolutely not the best time to make epic photographs because high sun is not flattering.
Instead, break your portraits up in 5-10 minute micro sessions throughout the afternoon and evening. Get a shot in the sunshine, nab one at sunset, later get a really unique flash lit shot after dark. Take as many or as few of these photo breaks as you like. This means that most importantly you can be present at your wedding

#5 Get a feel

If you can, get a feel for your tipi both in the daylight and at night. One of the magical things about a tipi is how the ambiance transforms as the sun sets. Tipis strike a dramatic outline during the day, but as night falls the canvas glows against the sky and the interior glitters with fairy lights, fire pits and lanterns. Not only will this dramatic shift in look affect the atmosphere on your big day but it is something that you will want your photographer to capture for you. Be sure to discuss this with them ahead of the day.
Country Tipis often invite their couples to pre-wedding events just so that they can experience this first hand before their wedding




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