Let’s a talk about The Bride.. Let’s ensure your day is as perfect as it can be!

I love working with industry experts on styled shoots as it gives the opportunity to share ideas and knowledge to help make the bride’s day as gorgeous as possible. With this stunning boho luxe tipi shoot, we wanted a relaxed vibe with elegant touches and geo elements too. It allowed me to showcase some stunning talent and share some top tips in the process.


The Dress

As a bespoke wedding dressmaker I get to make bride’s designs and wishes come to life. My first tip would be shop and try on as many dress shapes as you can because you never know, your choice may change, mine did! Don’t be afraid to consider having a bespoke dress made as often the cost of a dress and alterations combined can be in a similar price bracket to made to measure pieces. There’s nothing more unique than knowing who made your dress, especially for those more sustainably conscientious brides.

Natalie, our bride wore some versatile pieces for the shoot. A bias satin slip top and silk georgette skirt that could easily be teamed with faux fur stole or fun biker leather for a more edgy look. The second outfit was a modern crepe dress with plunging neckline and puddle hem. Paired with an ‘on trend’ high/low cape that gives you two ‘looks’. These capes are gorgeously sophisticated, they give an almost veil like feel to the formal part of the day but can then be removed, to give a more dramatic look later on.


Hair & Make-up

Beauty is skin deep and never a truer word spoken when prepping for your big day. Skin prep is so important to help good quality products stay on for the duration, for as long as they can. Skin prep means a good natural glow and this in tern gives radiance and enhances the beauty already there. Rachel suggests choosing looks that you are used too, pointless going for a smoky eye if you normally wear natural make up as you won’t look or feel like yourself on your day. The classic bridal look is very much on trend these days and you can’t beat a nude lip especially when all the Royals are showing it off!

Hair maintenance is just as important with regular trims and weekly deep conditioning treatments. Emma’s currently favourite is a ‘at home’ treatment of coconut oil, a natural conditioner. She also suggests looking for two styles that you love (Pinterest is a brilliant source) as this gives your hairstylist a vision of you hair goals. Also, she is often asked about veils, “will it annoy me? Or when do I remove it?” Her advice is simple, decide this as late as possible and go with your gut instinct, your hairstylist will be able to work with or without one.

The same goes for hair accessories as you can often envisage a piece better once your have your hairstyle decided. Hair accessories are often a way to tie the whole look together. The give a finished look to your hair and outfit. Having a custom made piece means it is unique to you and it also gives you opportunity to have accessories for your bridal party that tie in with yours.


Style edit

The style for the shoot was glamour and candlelight, perfectly mixed with draped chiffon and masses of flowers. Sara and Sorcha worked together to give a striking draped backdrop for the ceremony. Sara feels that chiffon and candles are a must to set a dreamy, romantic ambiance and with the muted colour palette of taupe and crisp white it offset the gold elements beautifully.

Sorcha believes you should go with the flow and follow the seasons. Once you have found a florist that “gets” you, let them know your vision for the whole day. Even the smallest detail could inspire the flower and foliage choices. The flowers are a great way to connect all the different aspects, colours and themes running throughout your wedding day.

For our shoot she paired anemones, daffodils, lilac, eucalyptus, hares tails and menthe. Blousy cappuccino roses enhanced the nude tones perfectly.


Can’t do without

Stationery sets the scene for wedding. It is often the very first impression your guests will see of your big day meaning there are a lot of decisions to be made early on about colour, style and theme. Don’t be afraid to talk to your stationer about your ideas from the very start, they can help refine your theme and this in turn will help when you are talking to other suppliers such as floral designers, decor hire and stylists. They are all designers by trade after all!

It also seems that every special moment in life is accompanied by cake. The cutting of the cake is the sweet, signifying the moment that means it’s time to celebrate. Whether your cake is perfectly simple or an extravagant work of art, that first slice you share on your wedding day will be monumental in marking the start of you married life together.

Helen from Iced Delights Cakes tip is to save yourself a slice, so when the busyness of the wedding has settled you can sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy a slice or two together to bring back the memories of the day.


Making memories

After everything is said and done just enjoy the day! Weddings should be full of happy moments that are captured by family and friends. Katrina always tells brides not to be so precious about the dress. They should have fun and get outside for some epic photos regardless of if the ground is wet or there are leaves on the pathway. “You only get to wear it once so make the very most of it!”

After all why wouldn’t you, it’s your day, your way


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