Choosing a bespoke wedding dress means that the decisions and design are up to you, from sketch to dress. There are so many reasons why a bespoke dress is the best option. Here are a few to think about when it comes to choosing your bespoke wedding dress.

You Have More Choice

Whilst you may already be overwhelmed with the choices already out there, with a bespoke wedding dress we’re talking about choices that are personal to you. You may see lots of wedding dresses you like but nothing that hits the spot perfectly. By going bespoke you can choose different elements of styles you like to amalgamate into a dress that’s perfect for you. You have a choice over fabric too as well as so many other minor choices that can be made across the fitting process, from the positioning of an applique to how high or low you want your neckline to be.

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You Get the Perfect Fit

I have a true appreciation for fit and fabric, which is synonymous with a bespoke wedding dress so when it comes to the perfect fit, bespoke is the only option. It is moulded to your body shape. It’s a dress that fits around you in all the right places and makes you feel amazing!

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You Get a Unique Design

No matter how traditional or alternative you go, a bespoke wedding dress is a dress that is designed uniquely for you. Every design element is chosen to your personal preferences to create your one-of-a-kind dress.

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You’re Creating an Heirloom

By choosing to get a dress designed just for you, you are creating an heirloom in itself. This can be kept, cherished, and passed down through your family generations. It could also be used to create future pieces. For example, it could be altered to create a different dress or be used as a christening gown. A bespoke wedding dress is a wedding dress for life, and it means you have a true story to tell about your dress’s history and the part you played in it!

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You’re Supporting Slow Fashion

There is no place for fast fashion; even more so when it comes to bridal design. By buying a bespoke wedding dress you are supporting a local business and supporting slow fashion. Whether you are planning an eco-wedding or not, going bespoke is always a greener option.

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At Lisa Lyons, we believe every bride should have the dress of their dreams and having a bespoke wedding dress made means we can factor every single part of you and your wedding day into the equation.

If you would like any more advice or would like to chat about your bespoke wedding dress ideas get in touch!