Top Tips & Trends for 2024

Starting to think about your 2024 Wedding and want to get ahead of your prep, then keep on reading to hear top tips from wedding professionals and up-to-date trends for brides to be.

Charleigh from @weddinghairbycharleigh suggests:

“Starting regular treatments at least once a week,  recommended treatments are K18 or olaplex

Start growing your hair and make sure you get your hair trimmed at least every 8-10 weeks to keep hair healthy

Get to know the stylist you book before the day and make sure they are the right one for you,  meet them in person so you feel comfortable and confident with them before the wedding day

Make sure you consider these before choosing your hair style
•Theme of wedding – modern, boho, traditional
•What hair styles you feel comfortable with – do you prefer your hair down?
•Your dress style & neck line – lace, satin, high neck , low neck
•What accessories you have or want – veil, hair vine, fresh flower

Have a hair trial around 8-12 weeks before, this will help you decide on the over all look and ensure your happy”

Hair Trends for 2024

Braids: Braids have been a popular trend for a while now, and they are expected to continue to be a hit in 2024. From fishtail braids to Dutch braids, brides are opting for intricate braided hairstyles for their big day.

Accessorized hair: Hair accessories are expected to be a big trend in 2024. From statement headbands to delicate hairpins, brides are adding some bling to their hairdos.

Messy updos: Brides are moving away from the traditional sleek and polished updos and opting for more relaxed and messy styles. Think low buns with loose tendrils and face-framing pieces.


Bev from @makeupology says:

“Great healthy skin is the perfect canvas for bridal makeup. To achieve that fresh glowing skin within look, start by taking care of your skin very early in your wedding journey with facials, focusing on making sure your skin is hydrated but avoid hash treatments close to your wedding day.”



Up & Coming Makeup Trends

Natural makeup: In 2024, brides are expected to embrace their natural beauty and opt for more natural-looking makeup. Think dewy skin, subtle eyeshadow, and a nude lip.

Bold lips: While natural makeup is a trend, bold lips are also expected to be popular in 2024. From bright reds to deep burgundies, brides are making a statement with their lip color.

Glitter: Glitter is not just for New Year’s Eve anymore. In 2024, brides are expected to add some sparkle to their makeup looks with glitter eyeshadow and highlighter.


In summary…

2024 bridal hair and makeup trends are all about embracing natural beauty while adding some bold and unique touches. From braids and messy up-dos to natural makeup and bold lips, there are plenty of options for brides to choose from to make their big day memorable.

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