May 28th,

In anticipation of normal life resuming over the next few weeks I am preparing my processes and studio to re-open in July and welcome brides in for their toile and dress fittings.

I am talking to 2020 and 2021 brides on an individual basis to continue to offer them the best service I can while ensuring our well-being is maintained and I will be updating this blog in a couple of weeks with relevant FAQs.

As virtual consultations have become an integral process for my 2021 brides please do get in touch via the contact page on the website, email , on the phone 07970292783 or by insta messaging @lisa.lyons.bridal, if you would like to chat about your ideas for having your dress made for your wedding.

Looking forward to meeting you soon
Lisa x

Fitting bespoke dresses

April 30th,

I continue to work behind closed doors in my studio on commissions that are already in progress, so please do get in touch via the contact page on this website, email , on the phone 07970292783 or by insta messaging @lisa.lyons.bridal, if you would like to chat about your ideas for having your dress made for your 2021 wedding.

And as we continue to run our businesses under lockdown, I am still offering virtual appointments by Whatsapp, Facetime, Teams and Zoom. Brides that have late Summer and Autumn weddings are now being sent ‘Measurement Packs’ to allow me to start working on their wedding dresses in anticipation of normal life resuming.

As virtual meetings recently seem to have become the norm, I will continue to support brides this way as they learn ‘how to measure’ themselves and for me to start their wedding dress commission.

This process has been well received by my brides so far, as a way to initiate their commission in anticipation of the lockdown being lifted and toile/ dress fittings immediately starting again.

As always your well-being and mine are paramount to ensure that I can continue to deliver the level of service you would expect and that normality can resume as soon as possible.

Keep well and safe as always
Lisa x

April 17th,

I wanted to let you know that my doors are now temporarily closed until we’re advised that we can resume social contact and our schools and pubs re-open (which seems to me a logical safety benchmark).

The moment this happens, I can’t wait to get going on creating your gorgeous dress, whether this is in May, June, or beyond and I assure you I will be ready to do your fittings and consultations, with greatly extended opening hours including evenings and weekends.

Meanwhile, I am here by email , on the phone 07970292783, by insta messaging @lisa.lyons.bridal, and by appointment on Whatsapp, Facetime, Teams and Zoom.

It seems likely we may still have an interim period, when we’re out the other side of isolation, when we need to all be careful – so I have kept my notes below as an indicator of how I will be managing your and my well-being during fittings, until we’re all out of the woods:

Your health and well-being are just as much of a priority to me as your dress.

Once we are advised we can resume social contact, and the schools and pubs re-open, I’ll return to doing appointments and fittings immediately.

I am still working behind closed doors in my studio on commissions that are already in work, so please do get in touch if you’d like to chat about your ideas for having your dress made.

Stay safe

25th March,

What happens if I have a scheduled dress fitting appointment and my wedding plans change?

Each situation is different and I’ll do all I can to be flexible, practical, and to support you during the coming weeks.

In my experience (and there are many situations which cause wedding plans to change unexpectedly) – the decision to marry remains unchanged. Many couples choose to go ahead with an intimate ceremony, on the intended date where possible, in order to do the bit that matters for their life ahead.

For this, you will need your wedding dress to fit beautifully, so I would suggest we stick with our plan and go ahead with your appointment.

Sometimes it is necessary to postpone or reschedule the celebrations, and if so, this is a chance to wear your beautiful dress again. Should this be the case, I’d be delighted to adjust your dress for free, should your weight have changed, since the time I completed your dress for your ceremony.

Due to limited space in the studio I regret I am unable to offer to store your dress beyond the date we originally agreed for you to collect it.

If you find yourself in a situation where the ceremony and celebrations have both been postponed, and you decide you’d like to hold fire on your dress but you’ve already had your fitting with me, then please let me know immediately you’ve reached this decision.


Making an appointment

As always, I explain to each of my brides individually how my appointments work, and in this current situation, we can discuss where we might prune unnecessary direct contact between us, and thereby reduce risk at this time.

For example, it is possible to enjoy a skype wedding dress consultation, in which I show you round my studio, we can discuss design ideas and arrange a follow-up call to chat in more detail.

Your health and well-being

If you or any member of your bridal party are feeling unwell or have been in contact with anyone affected I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery, and would kindly ask that you re-schedule your appointment and I will happily see you at another time.


Usually wedding dress fittings are a leisurely and relaxed affair, and whilst there is currently some benefit in making our interaction a little more swift, I will endeavour to continue making your fittings as enjoyable and special as you’d expect.

During these coming weeks, I’m amending my process a little for your well-being and mine…

As my studio is intimate I would kindly ask that you limit the numbers of guests that you bring to your appointment. I am keen to keep the environment as comfortable as possible so will have the heating on and the windows open to ensure fresh air circulates.

I will ask brides to wash their hands pre-fitting.

Pinning your dress involves a very limited amount of physical contact – most of which involves there being an arms’ length between us. Pinning usually needs to take no longer than 30 minutes.

I continue to maintain a high level of hygiene personally and in both the studio and my home, with the use of anti-bacterial products and hand washing.

Lisa Lyons spirit dress collection


If you have a dress that needs altering, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I maintain committed to deliver a personal and unique service for all my brides, let’s work together to find the perfect solution for your wedding dress.

Positive vibes always,
Lisa x